Joyce Shing, owner of “The Healing Path” in West Palm Beach, FL., provides various massage modalities and specializes in  the field of “Energy Kinesiology”.  She is a “Touch for Health” Practitioner and is a Certified “Touch for Health” instructor, a “Professional Kinesiology Practitioner (PKP) and a Diplomat of Integrated Healing (IH).  She is has been studying various kinesiology modalities since 2001.

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Joyce now resides in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.  Although she has been in private practice since 2000, she has worked in the health care field for over 35 years.  After receiving a B. S. in Nursing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, she received an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management and worked in managing hospital account receivables for 5 years.  She began studying energy kinesiology after graduating from massage school in 2000.  Joyce is fascinated with working with clearing energy blockages and the balancing of the body’s energy field as a way of holistic healing. Joyce loves to keep on learning and considers herself a “professional student”.  Joyce also offers kinesiology classes to the public and offers continuing education units for massage therapists in Florida.

Joyce believes in an “integrated health approach” for helping her clients achieve a balance of their mental body, emotional body, physical body and the spiritual body. When all four areas are in synchronicity, the client has a sense of well-being and feels at peace with the stressful issue.  Her understanding of western and alternative holistic methods of healing is her greatest asset.  Joyce individualizes her treatment program by “muscle testing” what the body/subconscious wants her to do.  She also offers “SKYPE” sessions as well.  If you prefer an holistic healing approach and other healthcare modalities have not resolved your issues, come have an energy kinesiology balance to decrease your stress and help you to move forward towards your goals!