Afraid of “Cold Calling”?

By April 12, 2017Success Stories

I had a client who recently transitioned from a routine salaried desk job to become a salesperson who made his money from commission sales. He was a quiet, thoughtful man and felt uncomfortable having to be “personable” and sell himself and his products. The new job entailed learning new procedures and have to “cold call” for new clients. My client also felt that other co- workers did not respect him and his ability to sell. He had a “fear of failure” and had a past behavior of not being able to get parental approval.
In the kinesiology balance, we cleared his fear of rejection and any judgments, and balanced him to feel “self-confident” in doing his “cold calls”. We also balanced him to allow and accept financial success to flow easily to him. Also included in this balance, we cleared any blockages when he wanted to say, “No”, and to avoid procrastination when he didn’t want to do something.
I bumped in to this client 6 months later and asked him how he felt about doing “cold calls” in his job. He looked at me confused, and he said he had no problem. “If they say no, I just move on to the next person and I don’t take it personally”. When I reminded him of what our balance was about, he smiled and said he no longer had any stress when he did “cold calls”!