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Tapping Out Your Fears

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When you feel like you are having an overwhelming sense of fear whether a “fear of public speaking” or “fear of failure”, a quick way to diffuse your fear is to lay your left palm over your heart, and tap with 3-4 fingertips of your right hand, in the groove between your left ring finger and your pinkie on the back of your hand. Tap for 1 minute as you inhale and breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Reverse hands on your heart and repeat tapping with your other hand. This point is also called the “gamut” point and is an acupuncture point on your triple warmer chinese meridian. The triple warmer meridian affects your “fight or flight” response and the tapping reduces your anxiety.


How to Self Muscle Test for Food

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Self-Testing: Clear your mind and set the intention that your body position is answering for your entire body. Make sure you are hydrated with a few sips of water. The lack of water will give you false muscle testing results. Stand with legs hip width apart and relax to allow your body to sway either forward or backwards, as you say your own name, e.g. “My name is Mary” and see if you fall forward or backwards. Try saying another name (not yours), “My name is Bob”. Once you know if falling forward or backward is your “YES”, you will know your body is answering correctly. I use this technique when I am food shopping. I pick up a food item and ask my body if eating this is for my highest good? My “yes” response if falling forward. If I fall backwards, I put the food product back on the shelf.


What is an energy vampire and how to combat them

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Do you know people who suck your energy?

If your energy was good and you felt happy all day before you talked to a negative thinking person, and left that person feeling exhausted and depressed, you could have just spent time with an “energy vampire”.

Traits of an “energy vampire”:

  • These are people who is self-absorbed and only talk about their issues and problems.
  • They may act as a “victim” and seek your time and energy to dump their problems of the day and expect you to commiserate or help them fix things for them. They are always the “poor me” and “life is always unfair” to them.
  • They constantly talk at you, and do not allow you to speak, nor are they interested in your problems. They want your sympathy and do not want to give sympathy back.
  • They might be “drama queens” and thrive only on what happened to them, and make a big deal about small issues.
  • Energy vampires can consciously or unconsciously attach an energetic cord that binds them to you as a way to keep you near them.

So how does an energy vampire affect you?  For one thing, this person takes your valuable time when you spend energy/time listening, empathizing, sympathizing, and trying to help them reach a solution.  Most energy vampires do not want to have a resolution of an issue, they just want your attention and for you to commiserate with them.  As most people today, we are overwhelmed with so many things we have to do for ourselves, our families, our work, and our outside commitments.  Wouldn’t it be great to have more time for ourselves?

The first thing you need to do is to set personal boundaries.  You have to be centered with a strong sense of self, pull your energy back to you, and realize that you may have to no longer be friends with this person.  You have to put yourself first, to slow down and restore your batteries by retreating spending time alone each night.  You have to learn to say, “NO” and not be available every time a drama happens.  Also learn to deflect and not accept the responsibility for taking care of the needy person.

Tips to protect yourself:

Energetically, visualize a “force field” around yourself.  Remember, the TV series, Star Trek.  Captain Kirk always said “Force fields up”, when the Klingons were attacking the starship.  Set the intention that no one that does not have your highest good be allowed to enter your force field.

To center or ground yourself: Take deep breaths and visualize that your feet are growing “roots” in to the ground.  See your feet surrounded by deep roots to the center of the Earth to ground yourself.  If you are grounded, than you will not be easily swayed.

To cut energetic cords:  Visualize taking scissors and cut the cords that bind you, freeing yourself at last!  I also wear crystals that help repel energy attacks such as blue obsidian.  I also wear a blue kyanite necklace to protect and balance my chakras.  I have found that spinning the necklace in my hand around my body and its energy field, clears any unwanted energy around myself.  You can also manifest by setting the intention that you do not want to be around energy vampires, and they do not come to you.  Learn to set the intention that you only give up your energy by your choice and to those who will appreciate who and what you are…a very special person!


Build any muscle with two fingers

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Did you know you can relax or strengthen a muscle by lengthening or contracting the spindle fibers of the belly of a muscle?  The spindle fibers are “sensors” that determine if a muscle is too tight or too loose and adjusts its length accordingly as it adapts to work with other muscles and to protect itself from ripping when over stretched.

Following the direction of the  muscle fibers, take your thumb and middle finger, push inwards in the belly of the muscle, by closing your thumb and middle finger together, pushing lightly several times.  The spindle fibers will relax and lengthen the muscle.  Remember the sentence, “Push to mush”!  Try this on your neck muscles and you will feel your muscles relax with an increased neck range of motion.

To strengthen or shorten a muscle, begin with your “closed thumb and middle finger” on the belly of the muscle and spread your fingers apart several times, along the direction of the muscle fibers.  “Spread your fingers to strengthen”!

If you are unsure which technique to use, try both ways and check which direction makes you feel better!


“Switch On” to give yourself a brain boost

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Feeling sleepy, foggy and can’t think clearly? Want to prep yourself before a test or presentation? Want to take a nap, but don’t have the time.

I was at a wedding, when a Chinese elderly man fainted. There were several medical doctors trained in western medicine also present at the wedding, but without monitors and equipment felt helpless to treat this man. The wife of the fainted man who both are from China, proceeded to rub the points below his nose and chin. The man woke up in a few minutes of rubbing, to continue on with the wedding. I than told the clueless medical doctor what she was doing.

A quick kinesiology tip which is called “switching on” is to place the left flat of your palm over your navel, than with your other hand, have your right index finger and thumb positioned in the letter “C” rub the area below your nose with your sideways index finger and simultaneously rub your chin with a sideways thumb for 15 seconds. Switch hand positions so your left sideways index finger and thumb are rubbing the same points, with your right flat palm is over your navel for 15 seconds. What you are doing is rubbing and activating the endpoints of your Chinese meridians that feed energy to your brain and to your spine.


Sharpen your vision and win the big game with kinesiology

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One of the Touch for Health instructors shared this story with me.  She was watching a college football game and one of the receivers kept missing catching the football.  At half time, the instructor went to check the visual range of the football receiver, by moving her finger in a large circle, as she muscle tested using the receiver’s arm. When his arm fell when his eyes looked up and to the right, she noticed he could not see her finger.  She had the receiver do the following protocol and the receiver caught all his passes during the second half of the game!

Place one palm of your left  hand and cover your navel and take your right hand and rub lightly, two points (acupuncture point -kidney 27) under your clavicle on each side of your sternum.  As you are rubbing the points move your eyes in a wide circle going clockwise, then switch hands where, right palm is covering your navel and left hand is rubbing both keep kidney points as you move your eyes counterclockwise. If a specific eye position is pulling or uncomfortable, stay looking at that eye position longer and rub your kidney points until you feel comfortable.  The entire procedure should take about 5 minutes.  You should be able to read quicker and feel like your eyes are seeing more clearly!


Kinesiology fix for the common work related neck pain

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Working all day with your head down?  Using your cell phone too much?  Sitting at your desk and having to look towards your right at your computer screen for 8 hours?  You feel so stressed and overwhelmed that your shoulders are almost raised up to height of your ears?

Sounds familiar?  At the end of the day, you can’t turn your head sideways more than 45 degrees in either direction.  Your neck feels so stiff and a headache is starting to form at the base of your head…

A quick kinesiology fix is to “rub your ears” as you turn your head in the direction of restriction for 1-2 minutes.  Rub and unfurl the rim of your ears outward.  Make sure to rub the opening of your ear canal and the area around it.  As you rub your ears, you will find your neck will rotate further and tension begins to ease in your shoulders.  Keep rubbing your ears as you slowly move your neck away from midline to increase your range of motion.   Make sure to turn your neck in the other direction too and repeat the steps.