How to Heal Quickly from a Recent Breakup!

By April 13, 2017Success Stories

I had a client who got dumped by her live in boyfriend for another woman (who she thought was her friend). Sound familiar? She had all her dreams of marrying this man crashing down. Now, she was in a very frantic, anxious, “fear of the unknown” state of mind. She was fearful of living alone, feeling shocked and betrayed that she did not see this relationship happening under her nose, and fearful that she was getting older and had to start looking for another man to marry.

During her kinesiology balance, I had to diffuse her anger about the betrayal, balance her that she was ok to live alone, and to cut the “energetic cords” that bound her to her former boyfriend and her girlfriend.

Energetic cords are cords that bind us to another person, consciously or unconsciously that served you at one time, but no longer serves you now. Now imagine if you have over 20 energetic cords attached to you by people who have hurt, betrayed you or used you throughout your lifetime. Having all these old energetic cords attached and sucking your energy, can drain your energetic field, leaving you where you don’t have enough energy to deal with your daily living demands.

Visualize yourself taking a sword that slashes away all the cords that connect you to a person, while you wish that person blessings to go away. See yourself feeling free of that person and feeling lighter. That energetic cord is no longer attached and sucking your energy!
By letting go of those people in your life, you are clearing the path for new people to enter your life. The kinesiology balance allowed her to let go of the anger, betrayal, and releasing the anxiety/fear which in turn, helped this woman move forward, calm down, and be able to move through the grieving process quicker. This client was able to heal and rebound in 3 months to meet someone new, and 2 years later is happily married!