What is an “Energy Goal Setting Balance”?

Your body is like a “battery”.  Energy (chi- the life force) is flowing all around and within your body. The premise of an energy balance is to unblock areas of restricted flows of energy in your body’s energy fields e.g. Chinese meridians, auric blockages, chakras, and acupuncture points.  When all energy fields are open and functioning, you will feel a sense of well-being, relaxation, and have more energy to draw from to reach your goals.  Your emotions affect your body faster than your mental thoughts.  When you are stressed out about a goal because it causes you discomfort or it triggers negative emotions or memories, the body’s energy flow becomes affected and blocked, which in turn affects your muscle responses.

For example, a pro golfer can feel a lot of pressure to win a tournament, but the anxiety and fear of losing can block the flow of the bladder meridian chi which runs along the back muscles, which weakens his back muscles and weakens his golf swing.

Try this test

Stand up straight and have a friend try to push you when you think of a stressful situation.  It is hard to resist and stay in place.  Now think of a very happy thought or if you won the $100 million lottery.  Have your friend, try to push you again and you will find you are able to resist better.  Stressful emotions or situations weaken your muscles because the energy flows become overloaded and the circuit breakers that the body has in place to protect it are flipped on, which cause the energy flow to be interrupted or re-routed.

What goal you are trying to achieve?  This site will help you through “asking your body via muscle monitoring/testing”, what words need to be in your goal.  Your ultimate goal will become your affirmation for this website.  You will find demonstrations how “muscle testing” works.  I will show you how to prepare for accurate muscle testing by rubbing certain acupuncture points, so your body is ready for an accurate body’s response.  Muscle testing is a biofeedback tool for your body (your subconscious) to guide how I the “neutral facilitator” need to help you “unblock” the areas of congestion.

What is Integrated Healing(IH)?

Integrated Healing (IH) is one of the energy kinesiology balancing techniques I use that was created by Mathilda Van Dyk and Nic Oliver who are from England.  IH is based on the “chakra” system which means “wheels of light” in Sanskrit.  There are seven main horizontal chakras on the body’s midline that represent emotions and have a designated color.

Where do I go next?

Congratulations! I’m honored to be your guide for this mind/body/energy journey to a healthier you. Start with Practical Guide to Kinesiology and get an idea of whats involved. Read it a few times and let it sink in. After you understand what topics we will cover, browse through the Self Care section. I’ll be updating that section with stories and experiences from my practice and students. For some inspiration, be sure to check out Success Stories.

If you have specific questions, feel free to email me at [email protected] or use this contact form.

If you live in South Florida, you can set up an appointment at my office.

We can also do a Skype session if you cannot come to the office.

Energy Kinesiology is about you helping you! Your body has all the answers, you just need to learn how to ask.