Ten Everyday Kinesiology Tips

Thumb hurting? Put your thumb and pinkie together to form a ring and try to pull it apart. If it breaks apart, it shows you are overwhelmed. Hold the crown of your head for a few minutes and retest!

Suffering neck pain from hunching over your computer all day? Rub and unfurl the rim of your ears outward for 1-2 minutes and you’ll notice wonderful results. Read more here.

Wrist throbbing from too much typing? Squeeze the two bones of your wrist together for 30 seconds and it releases your nerves that have been pinched.

Stressed out…feeling anxious before a date? Try the Oy vey technique! Putting your palm over your forehead which covers two acupuncture points until you calm down

Want stronger abdominal muscles without doing exercise? Rake apart your scalp from the midline several times down towards your ears.

Having trouble reading and feeling you can not see clearly? Place one palm of your left  hand and cover your navel and take your right hand and rub lightly, two points (acupuncture point -kidney 27) under your clavicle on each side of your sternum. Read More.

Do you find that you wake up with tight jaw muscles?  Are you stressed out, worried, and feeling tense?  A quick way to release your jaw tension, is to pinch the temporalis muscles around your ears 2-3 times with your thumb and index finger.  You can also rub your jaw hinge up and down in front of your ears, and lastly pinch the facial muscles at each corner of your mouth.  The tension in your jaw will melt away!

Did you know you can relax or strengthen a muscle by lengthening or contracting the spindle fibers of the belly of a muscle?  The spindle fibers are “sensors” that determine if a muscle is too tight or too loose and adjusts its length accordingly as it adapts to work with other muscles and to protect itself from ripping when over stretched. Read More.

Feeling sleepy, foggy and can’t think clearly? Want to prep yourself before a test or presentation? Want to take a nap, but don’t have the time. Place the left flat of your palm over your navel, than with your other hand, have your right index finger and thumb positioned in the letter “C” rub the area below your nose with your sideways index finger and simultaneously rub your chin with a sideways thumb for 15 seconds. Read More.

Know people who suck your energy? Take deep breaths and visualize that your feet are growing “roots” in to the ground.  See your feet surrounded by deep roots to the center of the Earth to ground yourself.  If you are grounded, than you will not be easily swayed. Read More.

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