Sharpen your vision and win the big game with kinesiology

By March 29, 2017Self Care, Success Stories

One of the Touch for Health instructors shared this story with me.  She was watching a college football game and one of the receivers kept missing catching the football.  At half time, the instructor went to check the visual range of the football receiver, by moving her finger in a large circle, as she muscle tested using the receiver’s arm. When his arm fell when his eyes looked up and to the right, she noticed he could not see her finger.  She had the receiver do the following protocol and the receiver caught all his passes during the second half of the game!

Place one palm of your left  hand and cover your navel and take your right hand and rub lightly, two points (acupuncture point -kidney 27) under your clavicle on each side of your sternum.  As you are rubbing the points move your eyes in a wide circle going clockwise, then switch hands where, right palm is covering your navel and left hand is rubbing both keep kidney points as you move your eyes counterclockwise. If a specific eye position is pulling or uncomfortable, stay looking at that eye position longer and rub your kidney points until you feel comfortable.  The entire procedure should take about 5 minutes.  You should be able to read quicker and feel like your eyes are seeing more clearly!