Using a Seashell to heal a Wrist joint

By April 24, 2017Success Stories

I was a kinesiology student taking a class in the modality called “Professional Kinesiology Practitioner” (PKP-created by Dr. Bruce Dewe). To demonstrate this technique, my instructor asked for a volunteer who had pain issues. The volunteer was a medical physician who had problems turning her left wrist and palm of her hand in supination (palm side up). She told the class she could not deliver babies because she could not turn her wrist palm up to catch the baby’s head due to an old injury. My instructor told her to pick a seashell and to do figure “8” ‘s over and around her her wrist. When the student felt she was done, she tried supinating her wrist and she was able to do it! All of us were stunned to see this done before our eyes! The physician was so moved that she could move her wrist freely again with a few minutes of moving the energy in the auric field of her wrist!

Figure 8 energy flows is thought to be originated by the Tibetans. Edgar Cayce reported that these figure 8 flows over the body affects the body’s health. For example, one of the figure 8’s flows runs over the front of the body where right shoulder to left hip and moving from right hip back to left shoulder. Using muscle testing, the body will tell you to move the body’s energy flow using your palm in a clockwise or counter clockwise figure 8. Using a concentric seashell uses the “sacred geometry of the golden ratio of nature”. Each sequential spiral of the seashell is 1.618 times the last spiral. The power of nature is increasing the energy flow movement. I find in my muscle testing that it takes at least 6-10 tracings of the figure 8 over the painful area to clear it. The next time you are at a seashell shop or walking the beach, look for a concentric circle seashell for your healings!